Social Events Calendar

All we are about is to be peer led. Our collective experience is that people dont need telling what to do or be. They know themselves. This small selection of what we offer is never going to be set in stone.

Tell us what you want and we will work with you to find it and deliver it. For you, and the next person along on their journey.

Social Events 2024

Monday Breakfast -Why not pop down and see us every Monday morning for a brew. Some food and a good old chat. Its a great way to start the week! 

Book Group

A recently formed group. Still working on what its full scope will be, but its up & running and open to anyone to attend. One definite  idea is to establish a small library at the York Reovery Hub

Dan Turton hosts the Nourish & Nurture sessions, supported by our friend and volunteer Steph. Eating well and nurturing the mind and body are vital. Especially in the early days of recovery. These simple sessions are all about looking after ourselves and each other. All topped off with delicious food. 

This weekly session is easy going open session. Just turn up, join in and see where the afternoon takes you. there is a plentiful supply of materials and equipment. Occassionally a project may develop around a particular theme that the group decide to do. Though anyone is welcome to just do their own thing.

Friday Pool Session - Come down to the Friday Pool Session between 12-2PM and put your skills to the test!

Grab a brew on us & get involved.

Pool is held at the Castle Snooker Hall at the moment.  Opposite Clifford's tower

Our monthly Hub Quiz is simply a bit of fun! Nothing more, nothing less. At present we are hosting it on Zoom. While our new premises are being prepared. Join in say hello & you may win a mystery prize!