What is Naloxone?

Naloxone is an emergency opioid antagonist medication that can reverse the effects of an overdose of Opiods like Heroin or Methadone and buy time while waiting for an ambulance.


Who are we?

We are the Naloxone Knights

Set up in June 2023. We are a partnership of City Of York Council Public Health, Changing Lives Charity and ourselves YIR. The project was fortunate to recieve training and support from no other than "Naloxone Man" himself  https://georgecharlton.com Two intensive days training and then we literally hit the streets of York to spread the word of what Naloxone is and how important and lifesaving it can be. Check out the photos and video in the Sidebar

Four York Naloxone Knights stood on Ouse Bridge York

We are the mighty Naloxone Knights. We are a passionate peer led group of energised Naloxone Champions. Who want to reduce drug deaths and harms across the city of York. Using our shared lived experience to help others impacted by addiction

A photo of team members meeting and talking with Dame Carol Black at the Recovery Games 2023

We met Dame Carol Black at the Recovery Games 2023

A Team of Naloxone Knights took part in the Recovery Games 2023

"Nothing about us, without us"

This is all peer led work, people who use drugs or are in recovery from addiction. Reaching out to anyone to offer help, training and a Naloxone kit. Along that way we want to build relationships, connection and dialogue with people. Its that simple, not rocket science.

We know this is sometimes delicate and difficult work but we keep trying because of those very reasons. 

Every person matters and deaths from drugs overdose are prevenatable! People matter, regardless of choices made.

Photo of people sat on a sofa in the street. Camerados hold Public Living Rooms in streets and shopping areas

We hosted a Camerados Public Living Room in Parliament Street for World Overdose Prevention Day. Lots of public engagement, training and Naloxone Kits distributed

We go into York District Hospital and host Public Information  Sessions
We trained the security staff and members of the public at Yorks Christmas  Market

We have delivered training, support and information. While supplying over 400 Naloxone kits to many individuals and organisations across our city. A short 10-15 minute process gets a person trained and able to help someone in a emergency

This is vital work

A photo of Rebecca & Mark at the Clear Hold Build event held by North Yorkshire Police  at Yorks Guidhall in March 2024
Photo of  training at Carecent York provide such an essential service in York. We work with them to provide training, kits and information for their clients
A Changing Lives staff member training a member of the public in Parliament Street York
Photo of a training session at York Carecent at the Central Methodist Church York
Photo of a Naloxone Knights training kit. including clipboard, ID badge, instructions and Naloxone kit