Step Out Drama

What does Step Out Drama  offer?

Throughout 2022 Step Out Drama will be delivering group drama sessions at Changing Lives Oaktrees, York. This is a day  based drug & alcohol rehabilitation centre. Click on this link for detailed information.

This is an exciting opportunity for York In Recovery as a community group. Also, for the people who will be delivering the drama sessions to Oaktrees clients.

In the recovery community the principle of "giving back" is widely practised.  Step Out Drama is our first such project. This is all possible due to York In Recovery receiving funding from the Deciding Together fund in 2021. York In Recovery are part of the YORKMCN follow this link to read a little more about it . Two ridings Community Foundation faccilitated the Deciding Together Fund in 2021. You can read more about their work by clicking on this link.

Tom Nightingale, Step Out Drama Project lead

" I am so grateful for having found the joy of doing drama. It has changed my life profoundly and I look forward to facilitating all different kinds of theatre workshops.

As someone who is in recovery I would like to share my passion for this with anyone who is in need of a creative outlet. Regardless of drama experience".

Step Out Drama @ St Olaves. Summer 2021