Welcome to York In Recovery

Who are we? 

York In Recovery are a peer-support, and peer led recovery group. We are experts in direct personal experience and therefore offer a safe space,  activities, and connection for members of the York  Community who are either in recovery or who may not be in recovery but have an interest. We're a judgement free zone, we've all walked in each others shoes, so if you're considering starting your path to recovery, or if you've been in recovery for some time and are looking for a group of like-minded people to hang out with - come along! 


Our main points of contact are our Thursday afternoon and Sunday morning Recovery Cafes. Which are coordinated and ran by group members. These take place in York City Centre and are open for anyone to come along. You can find out more information on The Recovery Hub page.

Along with the Cafes we have our allotment the  Serenity Garden, as well as many WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups to keep you in the loop. 


Whether it's gardening, drama, catching up with friends, outdoor activities, or cute puppy pictures that you're into, there's something for everyone at York in Recovery. We know sometimes it can be daunting reaching out, but we accept everyone as they come. Take a look at our website, and feel free to join us in person, pop us a text, or perhaps you're not ready to join the group yet, but you'd like to share your experiences with someone? In that case go along to the Share your Story tab, where you can send it. A poem, blog post, story, or just a rant to one of our group coordinators.